Why an A?

The Steinway Model A is perhaps the best Steinway to own as the soundboard is large enough- over six feet –to allow a full tonal range but does not reach the length and cumbersome size of the Steinway Model D with a soundboard of over eight feet. The Model D is an amazing and unparalleled instrument but suitable for only the largest of concert halls and performance spaces. Many of the world’s great musicians choose to perform on Steinway Model As when they are in smaller spaces or if they have a particular Model A they enjoy playing.

The Steinway Model A is an imporant and popular piano and as such is in great demand. You can expect to receive top dollar if you are selling your Steinway Model A and if you are looking for a used Steinway Model A piano you are not alone so it is important to consult a New York Steinway dealer like Park Avenue Pianos when you are in the market for a Steinway Model A baby grand piano.