Evolution of the A

The Steinway Model A has been redesigned over the years with each Model A offering improvements on the prior version.

The Steinway Model A round tail was the first Steinway Model A piano and went into production in 1878. The first Steinway Model A has three bridges but this bridge design proved to have some issues and resulted in the Steinway Model A square tail which went into production in 1896. The square tail is designed to allow more area for the soundboard and theoretically a better tone. It also reduced the number of bridges from three to two. The Steinway Model A3 went into production in 1913 and is slightly longer than your regular Steinway Model A with a length of 6’ 4 ½”. It has a squared off tail as well and two bridges.

The Steinway Model A baby grand piano is commonly refurbished and a post-1913 Steinway Model A piano restored by a reputable and reliable Steinway restorer like Park Avenue Pianos can be one of the most acoustically and aesthetically pleasing Steinways to own.